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DataFilesFilter was built to solve a problem I had with old expired stocks and warrants clogging up my MetaStock end of day data files. I had over 13,000 records and manually deleting expired stocks was too much effort when I mainly just wanted to speed up the explorations. After running the files through this filter program it reduced the number to just over 4,000 which was a big improvement in speed as well as leaving a backup behind so I didn't have to copy the whole lot to make a backup as I would normally do occasionally.

Another problem I seemed to be having with the data files was that some how the "MetaStock DownLoader" seemed to be missing the open prices, I think it may be caused by the daily downloaded text file not containing a field for open interest. This could be fixed by editing the data in the DownLoader and selecting to add an open column but then when saving another error would appear and that being that the first date in the data file was not equal to or later than the first date in the data file header so the DownLoader would present a dialog box saying that the first date would not be saved.

The DataFilesFilter can fix both of these problems while copying the data to a new data file setup. Of my 13,000 there were over 1,500 fixes.

Sometimes it is found useful to put all the three letter symbols in one folder and the rest in another folder rather than use the alphabet folders or vice a versa the DataFilesFilter makes it easy to do that as well.

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